It must be built in the mid 17th century, in the place of another older church. From the temple it got its name and the village.

Located in the village of Upper Radovyziou, at the foot of lush mountainside. (On the church got the name and the village, which before was called Botsis). From the monastery that was there survived only the old church, which today functions as a parish.

Based on the technique of construction and the dates that bear some pictures of the temple should be built in the 17th century, in the place of another older church, whose foundation Seraphim completely unsubstantiated -as-usual places in the 13th century. It is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin. It aisled vaulted basilica trouloeidi cross vault, which while externally appears as a rectangular, rounded inside corners and becomes circular.

Another quirk shows the building on the long sides, where instead of the usual during the Turkish occupation semicircular “dances” we find large rectangular protrusions walls -stoicheio unprecedented and unique in church architecture in the region of Arta. Because rudimentary dances they offer nothing to the aesthetics of the monument, it was concluded that there were only to support the arches of the square psefdotroulo.

The temple is plakoskepastos simple masonry without pottery or other decoration. The apparent inconsistency of the north gate of the temple with the lintel, leads to the conclusion that merely opening that door, probably during the hectic – Region – 19th century, for greater safety.

Murals are in the sanctuary and in the nave, but both are indistinguishable from the ravages of time and of the smoke. The frescoes in the narthex were probably not survived because its walls were covered with old from successive plasters. Also it does not know the construction time of the printed decoration, but believed to be contemporary with the foundation of the church, that of the 17th century.

In the not remarkable art carved iconostasis were – but were removed for safety – and two icons with the date 1665, an element that helps in dating not only whole but also written decoration of the temple itself. On the monument there were other portable icons of great value, from which other stolen and others are kept in the museum.

The history of the monastery for many years associated with our national history: This Radovyzinoi the captains Skaltsogiannis, Tsigaridas, Katsigiannis and Kossyvaki declared on January 25, 1854 revolution against the Turks, known as the Revolution of Botsis.

The shaping of the surrounding area of the temple made recently resulted in the aesthetic enhancement of the monument.

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