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Discover beautiful landscapes and places


Epirus and the Ionian are real gems of cultural tourism, a long journey in history and art.


Since ancient times , journeys of religious character led Greek and foreigners to religious centers throughout Greece.


Epirus and the Ionian have a particularly rich and varied natural environment with special geomorphology, with strong contrasts and many areas of high ecological value.


Everything you need to know about Epirus and the Ionian Islands, on a tour!

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Discover Epirus and the Ionian Islands through the pages of new issue of Jointravel …

Discover Epirus and Ionian Sea

Delicious local specialties, famous fine drinks and a huge variety of traditional products.

Welcome to the country that gave birth to civilization, every step is a journey through history.


Sea Holidays

Everytime you think of the sea and the sun you think of Greece and the Ionian: A region synonymous to light, to spotless seas, to beautiful award-winning beaches, marinas,small islands, yachting and sailing, water sports ..


Mountain Holidays

Greece is a predominantly mountainous country with more than 300 larger or smaller mountains in its territory. The most important Greek mountain axis is the Pindos mountain range, which forms the “backbone” of the mainland and is a natural continuation of the mountains of the Peloponnese and Crete.

Discover Epirus and the Ionian Sea

Η λίμνη Παμβώτιδα είναι ορόσημο για τα Ιωάννινα, ενώ το Νησάκι που αναπαύεται στα νερά της, ξεπροβάλλει μέσα από ένα «πέπλο ομίχλης» για να αποκαλύψει τη δική του μακραίωνη ιστορία.

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Στην μεγάλη υπόθεση του μεσημεριανού ή βραδινού γεύματος το σας προτείνει 3 hotspot, για να απολαύσετε τα αγαπημένα σας πιάτα χαζεύοντας την υπέροχη θέα που σας παρέχουν τα μέρη αυτά!

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Modern tourist infrastructure that can meet the requirements and needs of each guest.
Flavors, performances, cocktail, nightlife, accommodation …

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