Church of Agios Dimitrios


The church of Agios Dimitrios is located between the villages and Gorgomylo Ammotopos Preveza and sample hall church with narthex, Epirus. Graphic internal small door of the church in the narthex (gynaikoniti).
Besides the type of splint (gynaikoniti), there is another type of more widespread that was being built above the level of the universal, to cause the believer to bend to downloads (humility, repentance, repentance of those who punished be operated in the narthex), but and current coming from the narthex when no other entrance. “In Kalligata: the narthex remained the catechumens, the punished and the third category of Christians”
Here in Epirus: during the Turkish occupation only women who were watching the operation behind stone walls or trellises (with separate entrance to many or separate loggia, like in Ano Vitsa or Agia Paraskevi in ​​Soudena). The church today in some villages = Male or antroo and narthex gynaikoniti. In Catholic women only daily for cleaning and never entered the shrine (today).
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