Classical Antiquities Museum (Parigoritria)


The Archaeological Collection, which is housed in the bank (restaurant) of the former monastery of Consolation, findings presented mostly from the excavations of Arta and the surrounding area of ​​the county. In the seven showcases that includes the exhibition of clay and bronze vases, figurines, jewelery and other small items.

Interesting clay figurines matrices and modern masters from the workshop of Satyr, koroplasti 4th example century. In two showcases presented findings from two cemeteries of the ancient city, while two others have been exposed, along with the findings of Amvrakia, objects from other regions of the prefecture of Arta.

Noteworthy are the clay figurines and relief plaques from the cave Koudounotrypa, which was dedicated to the ancient Hellenistic years in the cult of the Nymphs and Hermes Pan.

Besides showcases exposed tombstones (4th century BC and Hellenistic times), votive inscribed pedestals and a few sculptures (Hellenistic – Roman times).

Particularly important for the history of Amvrakia and Epirus in general, is the pediment inscribed column (2nd century BC), who saves the text of the treaty to establish limits between Amvrakia and the nearby town canyons.

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