Eglouvi lentils


Each place is identified with an event , a product, a story.

For dozens of years, the village of Eglouvi in Lefkada, is identified with the cultivation of lentils .

For the village , the lentil is the soul , the taste and lifestyle of the residents. The cultivation is done wherever possible and permissible with the classic traditional way .

The Eglouvi lentils have proven great nutritional value. It is a rich source of carbohydrates of vegetable protein , fiber , vitamins, minerals and trace elements . They are a source of calcium and iron .

Its advantage compared to similar pulses is the minimum cooking time and amazing taste .

For its uniqueness lentils Eglouvi is distinguished worldwide . The seed of the Eglouvi lentil is typically small, uneven and has different colors from dark brown to light yellow and black with dark spots. All these are elements that distinguish it from other varieties of lentils .

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