Feizul Mosque


Located in Arachthos Katsantoni Street and a short distance from the Church of Saint Theodora. The exact time is not known Creation but is likely to be the same era with that of Imaret.

This hypothesis is strengthened by the fact that the mosque was the tomb of Mustafa Suleiman, standard bearer of Faik Pasha. The mosque was located in a neighborhood called “Eligiasvei” and its construction cost was an Ottoman named “Fefzoullach”. The mosque had revenues amounting to 1500 – 2000 piastres, which took the imam. The mosque was built on the ruins of a Christian church dedicated to St. Sunday.

The mosque, like most mosques of the Greek and Balkan region belongs to type A. It consists of a simple one-room prayer hall, a square ground plan and side, measuring 6.40 m. Until 1917 saved the cylindrical minaret, currently not there is. In 1962 by decree the mosque was declared an archaeological site.

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