Lake Drakolimni of Smolikas


At a height of 2200 m below the cone of the peek of Smolikas, Drakolimni seems a dominant element within its magnificence. The lake has the shape of a heart. Its perimeter is about 350 steps, a little less than the Drakolimni of Gamila.

In the waters of the lake lives a little amphibian, Triton which resembles a small dragon. Its size is 10 cm. In a particular case, Drakolimni was named from it. In their narratives, local people even today, refer to the lake as haunted.

Rare alpine plants, viola, wild violets, orchids and lilies. Specialists visit the place, others to study birds and others for worms and insects.

The lake once is said to be five times bigger. However, a large explotion inflated the waters and they poured up to the village Kapesovo where they drowned the half. But other people say about the pounds which are still in the bottom from the time of the Civil War.

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