Mili (Windmills) Beach


The part of the beach of St. John from Milos Beach Resort to where he is ruined windmill and the beach makes a small nose in Gyra of Lefkas, has now his own name. Mills Beach. Very recently as 1992, a group of Austrians discovered that this part of the beach is perfect for windsurfing, while in 1999 a group of Italians from Rome that made their holidays in Lefkada, was the first to make kitesurfing.

Since the beach at Mills has enjoyed great glory and today is top destination for kitesurfing worldwide. The beach is beautiful, but it will not be said for swimming as often blowing strong winds. But now he found the place it deserves in the modern tourist map.

This section of Lefkada with its huge sandy beach width in some places over 70 meters, set back of the lagoon and the windmills, is one of the most beautiful spots on the island and even if you do not like water sports, you can make your ride from there.


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