Monolithi Beach


Monolithi is a big sandy beach, in the west coast of Preveza Prefecture. The total length of the beach is 25 km. It is the longest sandy beach in the European Union. The name “Monolithi” comes from the Greek words “Monos” + “Lithos” = “single” + “stone”. It was an oversea rock 10X10m, near the coast, until 1942, when German and Italian soldiers destroyed the rock with mortar fire. The rock exists as an undersea reef (-10 cm from the surface).
Distance from Preveza: 8 km
Distance from the nearest settlement (Mitikas-Municipality Preveza): 500 meters
Geographical location: C. Width: B 39.02 C. Length: A 20,42
Information: Port-Harbour Master / Phone: 0682028854 Preveza
Water depth: Deep (Short)
Beach Orientation: North West (NW)
Usual intensity winds: Breeze
Ordinary wind direction: South (N), West (W)
Access On foot, Asphalt, by bus, by boat
Services: Parking, Changing Rooms, Shower, Canteen
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