Perama Cave


It’s a beautiful cave with 19 different kinds of stalactites. The cave was founded there during the 2nd world war by accident while the inhabitants were trying to find a place to hide when the german planes bombed the area! The one that found the cave saw a bear coming out of it! He’s not alive anymore but his bairns live in the village. The cave is located at the Goritsa hill, just over the village and from there you have a great view of the lake and Ioannina city. In 1956 fossil teeth and bones of the bear of the cave. The cave was explored by Giannis and Anna Petrochilos and became the first cave in Greece that opened to the public. It’s 1,500,000 years old!!

You can spend 45’ there walking for about a kilometers inside, first you go down but at the end the track is upwards. There are some interesting shapes of stalactites and stalagmites and some of them have funny name like “Statue of Liberty”, “Santa Claus” etc Every hall has also different names like “Hall of the Cross” because of the stalactite that looks like a cross etc

The museum is open daily after 8:00-20:00 (in winter 9:00-sunset) and the entrance fee is 7 euros

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