With the ridges to run the country from North to South, the imposing massif of Pindos dominates the continental Greek landscape. Department of mountain ranges which in turn belong to Dinarotafriko Arc, Pindos begins the imposing Grammos at the Greek borders to reach the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf. The draft of Katara being the natural boundary between northern and southern Pindos mountain range takes up a large part of Epirus, Thessaly and Central Greece. The highest peak of Pindos and second highest in Greece is Smolikas, located in Ioannina, with the top of the 2,637 meters.

Among the slopes of Pindos stem five major rivers of the country ( Aliakmonas , Arachthos , Acheloos , Aoos , Pinios ) and hundreds of smaller watercourses . Like the size , the importance of Pindos for the Greek nature is huge and it is no coincidence that hosts the slopes and valleys of two of the eight national parks ( Pindos Vikos – Aoos ) .

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