Private Folklore Collection P.Karali (Kypseli Artas)


The first attempt to create the Folklore Museum began in the early 70s by Pantelis Chr. Karalis and its result is the function of the permanent exhibition in Blister (Chosepsi) Arta.

In 1997 the collection was included in the Community program LEADER II, the management of which is undertaken by the Amvrakikos Development Company (ETANAM). In this context, the folklore collection Karalis held in Folk Art and Life Museum.

For more than thirty years collect and record a lifestyle of a region where he was born and lives: simple, crafted, everyday tools, clothes, songs sung, the totality of life and art of Tzoumerka, their wooden culture.
It manages to tie the museum to life through its exhibits, which, apart from the organic functions, reflect each of the local society and culture into which they were born and in which they express.

The collection, which is then enriched, and spans the last two centuries. The material of more than 1,800 items and includes pastoral rural utensils and household, weapons and costumes of the region, wood carvings, textiles, embroidery, coins, tools, etc. various professionals

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