The bridge of Arta


It is the most important greek bridge, well-known due to the famous legend of the chief-builder, known not only in Greece and Balkan but in other countries too. Its history goes back in time even before the roman period, maybe in the times of Pyrros, the king of Epirus. Obviously this should be the bridge that Plinios mentioned in his writings.It consists of four large semicircular arches supported by large abutments over which dominate the vaults. Its width is 3.75 m and its length 145 m.
During the centuries, the Arta Bridge has been restored and extended many times.The last restoration was in 1612.
A lot of folkloric essays, theatrical plays and operas were written about this famous bridge and the legend following it.
According to the folk ballad of the acritic songs family, every day 60 apprentices and 45 craftsmen or masons, under the leadership of the Head Builder, tried to build a bridge, but its foundations would collapse each night. Finally a bird with a human voice informed the Head Builder that in order for the bridge to remain standing, he must sacrifice his wife. As the wife is being killed, being built in the foundations of the construction, she utters curses that conclude with blessings.


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